Saturday 11 April 2009

Preacher says atheist ad campaign backfired

So says a "Top Papal Preacher" in Vatican City reported by Reuters UK. Amongst the usual RC blather we have this priceless remark:

"Suffering is certainly a mystery for everyone, especially the suffering of innocent people, but without faith in God it becomes immensely more absurd".

On the contrary, by the standards of any reasonably sane person the appalling suffering that is visited at random on some helpless, innocent people make the idea of a loving god completely absurd.

Ah, say the priests, "The ways of god are too mysterious for us to know". I prefer to rely on the principle of Occam's Razor and opt for the more obvious explanation. There is no god that has ever taken the slightest interest in the human race or ever will.


  1. I found this sentence particularly disgusting:

    "Even the last hope of rescue is taken away. Atheism is a luxury that only those with privileged lives can afford."

    Oh Yes, we must keep the poor in ignorance.

    I'm sure Marie-Antoinette would have had something to say about that. "Let them eat bullshit", perhaps?

  2. . . and never any suggestions that they should sell off the Vatican's wealth and distribute it among the underprivileged. I suppose they worry they might then become atheists.