Wednesday 20 June 2012

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Message to theists

Recently posted on Facebook:-

"There has been a recent spike in activity from theists here (which often happens when a religious site, host, publication or personality makes TTA a pet project). So, once again, let me clarify why this Facebook page exists.

As the description box states, "This is a community for atheists, agnostics, skeptics and free-thinkers to exchange ideas, discuss issues, explore challenges, make friends and have some laughs." 

It's not designed as a debate arena (although debate happens here every day and is often a welcome vetting of faith vs. fact). This page isn't required to abide, endure, give audience to or allow equal time for religious nonsense spouted by drive-by seminar posters convinced that mashing "GOD LOVES YOU, BUT HELL IS REAL" onto a keyboard is a credible tactic in their Great Commission to convert the world.

If you're a religious person seeking honest, respectful, serious and productive discussion, this isn't a hostile environment to you.

If you're an uninformed, indoctrinated, blissfully ignorant Eloi content to spread thread-bare, bumper sticker reasoning in an arena that knows more about your deity, your holy books, your history and your science than you do, this page owes you nothing. It simply isn't designed for you. It doesn't have the time or patience for you. And as soon as any posts devolve from respectful inquiry and discussion into church marquee catchphrases, you'll be warned and then banned in short order.

There are plenty of debate forums out there. Hell, the internet itself is a boiling cauldron of heated discussion on every topic, and no doubt your sermons, your scriptures, your prayers, your pleadings and your obsession with the CAPS LOCK button will have little trouble finding an accommodating and appropriate venue in which to land. There might even be a few blank slates out there who actually haven't heard and refuted gems like, "You took it out of context," "No transitional fossils" and "Adolf Hitler was an atheist." So go knock yourself out.

But this page? It's a place designed for those seeking a place away from you. Disrupt that tempo, and you're out. And if that brings you feelings of religious persecution, I suggest you call down your deity's omnipotence to put us infidels in our place. Until then, we'll keep ourselves busy with drinking games and unflatteringly Photoshopped photos of the Pope.

That is all. -Seth (The Thinking Atheist)