Monday 28 June 2010

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Thursday 10 June 2010

Stanley Kubrick on the Universe

"I'd be very surprised if the universe wasn't full of an intelligence of an order that to us would seem God-like. . . .There are approximately 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone and approximately 100 billion galaxies in just the visible universe . . . where intelligent life . . . is hundreds of thousands or millions of years in advance of us. When you think of the giant technological strides that man has made in a few millenia - less than a microsecond in the chronology of the universe - can you imagine the evolutionary development that much older life forms have taken? They may have progressed from biological species, which are fragile shells for the mind at best, into immortal machine entities - and then, over innumerable eons, they could emerge from the chrysalis of matter transformed into pure energy and spirit. Their potentialities would be limitless and their intelligence ungraspable by humans."

But why don't they just say "Hi"?

Wednesday 2 June 2010

A Universe from Nothing

Saving for later. This is over an hour long but looks to be a fascinating talk.

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Swedes depart church in droves - The Local

Swedes depart church in droves - The Local
Over the ten years since the church was separated from the state, the proportion of the population retaining a membership of the church has fallen from 82.9 percent to 71.3 percent, with 73,400 people leaving the church in 2009.

Black Holes

This is persuasive. If the Universe is designed for anything it is the production of black holes. Life is a mere accidental offshoot. The existence of the human brain is evidence for atheism.