Sunday 12 April 2009

The Atheist Bus Campaign

Sadly the Atheist Bus Campaign is now over. It was a great ride. After appealing to raise £5500 it topped out with a staggering £153,516.51. This included a farewell £1000 from Simon Bishop who helped so much to give the campaign its amazing legs.
There is still time to donate to the Campaign against Faith Schools which has also reached its target of £30,000. This closes on April 25th.
After that its "The Next Stop". See link in my sidebar.


  1. Sad news really. Oh well, it lives again abroad, so it's not quite over yet.

  2. The impact of the ABC far exceeded the original aims. For me it was the catalyst to start my blog and assert my opinion on those in power.
    The next stop campaign must now be the focus of our efforts.