Saturday 11 April 2009

New R C Archbishop avoids the Question

From a Telegraph Report of BBC Radio 4 Today.
(My italics)

In defending the Pope's recent remarks about condoms made last month en route to his first Papal visit to Africa. Archbishop Nichols said: "What he actually talked about was the need to humanise sexuality and I think to some extent he was speaking up in protection of African women."
Asked if he would advise a "married, faithful, Catholic couple" not to use condoms where one had HIV/Aids, the Archbishop said: "That is a very sensitive point and there are different views on that."
Pressed to give his view, he said: "That is not what this public debate is about...that is the point I would rather pursue, that we really do have to raise people's expectations of themselves.
"Today is Good Friday. What do we celebrate today? We celebrate this enormous gift of God's love to us which teaches us how much dignity we have and we have to encourage as a society people to live off their best instincts, their best generosity and not constantly be portraying our society as degraded and in need of Elastoplast all the time."

So exactly what instincts would he advise the "married, faithful, Catholic couple" to live off? Doesn't his flock deserve to know?

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