Thursday 27 January 2011

Interchange on an Idahoan blog

This interchange resulted from a post entitled "The sins of the parents" which discussed  how the relevant biblical texts should be interpreted for modern life. I am reproducing only some of the ensuing comments.

quedula said...
Mollo, Do you not find it strange that God, when vouchsafing the Bible to a few middle-eastern primitive tribes, chose to leave out the Chinese, among others, who were leading highly civilised lives at the time?
January 25, 2011 1:07 AM  

 Anonymous said...
It's not strange at all Quedula. The bible is all over the globe. The power of the cross and the message it brings is foolishness to those who will perish. You are too self absorbed. Try looking at the big picture.
January 25, 2011 5:13 PM

 quedula said...
Ok Anonymous @5.13PM. Here's looking at the bigger picture. Homo sapiens had existed on the earth for at least 100,000 years before the god of the bible decided to make a belated appearance to a limited audience of nomadic goat-herders. This made absolutely no impression on the rest of the planet at the time. Civilisations rose & fell and knowledge and philosophy flourished independently of biblical texts. Even since then, and notwithstanding the 19th.C boom in christian missions, the vast majority of all those who have ever lived have resorted to other sources of morality.
January 26, 2011 6:52 AM  

Anonymous said...
Oh my Gosh. That is a real eyeopener for me into what makes you click. Your religion is your science. Your faith is in something that can change in a moment. Sorry, I forgot to mention this is meant for Quedula. Here is where you and I disagree Quedula. You are at the mercy of whatevever story they have decided to go with on that day. There will come a time when things spin out of control. What comfort will your science offer then?
January 26, 2011 4:08 PM

I think I will leave it at that!


  1. Do I smell a nutter?

  2. I'm glad you think so too Micky :) I'm staggered by the utter vacuity of the final comment. I think he/she means that science might one day come up with a different estimate for the number of years mankind has existed, you know, 6000 instead of 100,000 years.

  3. I finally decided to add this:-

    I have been a scientist all my life Anonymous @ 4.08 and benefited from all the modern comforts it provides, as I am sure have you. Medical science has cured or eased the ailments of several loved ones. I do not know what you have in mind by "when things spin out of control" but I do know that science has produced the tools to combat endemic and epidemic diseases, to reduce famine by greatly expanded food production and predict and prepare for, many natural disasters.

    If at some time in the future a meteor were detected on a collision course with Earth I shall expect the rocket & nuclear scientists of the world to get to work on designing means of deflecting it, not to down tools and troop into the nearest church.