Monday 15 November 2010

Tony Blair at it again . . . .

Tony Blair has been waffling away again, this time in Montreal, trying to big-up his ridiculous Faith Foundation.  Apparently McGill University has become involved in its "Faith & Globalization Initiative." I wonder why? Do its students know? I was going to read up about it but, unfortunately, found I was due to watch TV.

However in the Montreal Gazette article the following quote from his speech particularly caught my eye:-

"The single most important thing for people of one faith is to know about the others. The more you know and the less the ignorance, the less the fear of the other, and it's often the fear that creates problems."

The point he seems to overlook is that the more rational people learn about some faiths the more they fear them; not excluding the particular cult he favours.  

1 comment:

  1. That man did several very good things to help liberate me and other gay people. He also changed several other nasty things in Society for the better.

    However - Identity Cards, his Asylum rules, promotion of 'Faith Schools' and his promotion of unsuitable women to positions of power were all heinous sins.

    Greater people than he have been seduced by the myths of religion - he is, above all things, a populist and in much of the world community lip service or actual commitment to some religion or other is a requirement of political office, isn't it?

    Keep up the good work!