Friday 26 November 2010

God and the bible - a question.

According to believers God gave us the bible and he also created us with the ability to pick out the good bits that he really wants us to follow as distinct from the nasty bits that we shouldn't.  That is, he gave us the inbuilt ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad.

In that case why did he bother with the bible at all, and why do present day believers rate it other than as a work of fantasy literature?


  1. I'm just really stuck on the apparent fact that most folk refer to the King James bible as being where they start.

    OK, but as far a I understand it King James decided to commission the writing of a new version suitable for (himself and) his People and then hand-picked a group of politically good people to pick up all the bits they fancied from previous versions and stick them in.

    At the end, after a lot of horse-trading, he accepted his bible.

    Now in what sense could this political statement be called the word of any god?

  2. Exactly Micky. I'm happy for people to believe whatever nonsense they choose. What really irks is that they claim and often get special respect for their opinions and special consideration because of it.