Friday 7 December 2012

Atheists - be counted

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is pleased to announce the launch of Atheist Census at  With the slogan ‘Numbers Matter. Be Counted.’ Atheist Census is a global project to count and capture a snapshot of the world’s atheists.  The census records people’s preferred title (e.g. atheist, rationalist, humanist, freethinker, etc.), religious background, education level, age, gender identity and country.
Help AAI demonstrate the atheist presence around the world!  Please contribute to Atheist Census and spread the word to your secular friends – “like” Atheist Census on Facebook, tweet about it, distribute it through any social media channel you use!  And be sure to check out the Atheist Census video on YouTube.
Please note that entries in Atheist Census are not personally identifiable. AAI take the issue of data security and privacy seriously, and Atheist Census’ privacy policy can be found here.
AAI is raising funds to help cover the cost of developing and running Atheist Census.  You can make a donation to help launch this project here any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated.

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