Thursday 8 October 2009

'Thought for the Day' Appeal

A bulging ring-binder arrived by special delivery from the BBC Trust today together with a letter confirming that my (and others') appeal about lack of balance in' Thought for the Day' will be heard on 5th November by both the Editorial Standard's Committee and the General Appeals Panel.

The binder contains all the paperwork that will be provided to these two committees and, as one of the appellants, I am invited to comment on the factual accuracy and completeness of the material. Judging by its weight they intend this to be a very thorough job. I feel we are approaching a watershed moment in this long-running dispute.

At this stage the paperwork is confidential but my final letter, which is included, has already been published here.


  1. That's great news - it's good to know your complaint is being taken seriously, and that you are pursuing such an active role, rather than just wittering away with sarcastic drivel, like myself.

    Good luck!


    Reason Must Triumph

  2. I hope that the efforts made by people like yourself will make a difference.

  3. Thanks chaps. I'm glad I've got the time. xx