Friday 3 July 2009

"Thought for the Day" Appeal - a result.

I have received a reply to my appeal to the BBC Trust on the subject of lack of editorial balance in the TftD slot. (See earlier posts for some background, here and here).

The Trust Unit which advises the Trust proposes to recommend that this matter be handled as a general rather than editorial matter, because it considers that the substance of my appeal engages the BBC's Public Purpose to represent the UK, its nations, regions, and communities, rather than the Editorial Guidelines on impartiality.

I have yet to thoroughly absorb the whole of the reply but it appears that the question of whether the BBC preserves Thought for the Day as a slot for theistic thinkers within the Today programme is a matter of editorial judgement for the BBC Executive with which the Trust has no jurisdiction to interfere.

However the Unit does consider the appeal worthy to be heard by the General Appeals Panel to consider whether the transmission of "TftD" breaches the BBC's Public Purposes.

I now have the opportunity (by 20th July) to submit further comments which I shall endeavour to do. In this new context, if anyone can offer any advice or comments, it would be most welcome.

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