Friday 6 March 2009

Politicians and religion

To quote a memorable phrase politicians in the UK "don't do God". What they really mean is that they want to hedge their bets. They don't want to upset any religious group sufficiently for them to withhold their votes.

We always suspected Tony Blair was religious but he didn't come clean about it until he left office. How hypocritical is that!

We aren't sure about the strength of Gordon Brown's religious beliefs but why on earth shouldn't we know? Why shouldn't politicians be precise about their religious position when they ask us to vote for them? Are politicians in effect  saying that we don't need to know because their beliefs don't make any difference to the way they act in office? Some beliefs in that case! And if their beliefs do make a difference to the way they act, aren't we, the voters, entitled to have chapter & verse?

Refreshingly Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has come out as an atheist and the Lib Dems are promoting a Freedom Bill. It makes one almost want to vote for them, but anyway, one can a least sign their Freedom Bill petition:-


  1. I would vote for any candidate who openly says that he does not believe in an imaginary friend. I don't want schizos to run the country. So I am getting very tempted to vote Lib Dem, especially since Labour is now just as religious as the Conservative Party.