Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"White Flight"

I regard "White Flight", i.e. the tendency of the indigenous population of a neighbourhood to move out as immigrants move in, not as a cause of division in but as a symptom of past uncontrolled immigration. A symptom of the failure of middle class politicians safely ensconced in the Home Counties to put the interests of the indigent, working class population above political expediency.

Who are they/we, to wag a disapproving finger at others, living under different circumstances, probably in the same area all their lives, as have their parents and grandparents before them; and suddenly (comparatively), finding their neighbours are people who do not speak english and do not share interests or social activities, prefer to up-sticks for more familiar surroundings?

Are not there perfectly legitimate grounds for vehement protest at this situation? Not protest about refugees in fear of their lives, but about economic immigrants who apparently have no interest in embracing our mores and culture but are merely intent on enjoying a standard of living that their own religious culture has denied them in their native lands. Yet they bring their culture & religion with them!

Over the centuries our ancestors have strived & suffered too. They learnt from their mistakes and adapted. They had no short-cuts. Those that emigrated did it out of dire necessity to virgin lands where no one provided a free lunch. Because of that history we are where we are, enjoying a reasonable degree of prosperity in a largely secular modern society. Why should we have to welcome a religion and culture still rooted in the past that has manifestly failed to provide the same?

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