Monday, 21 September 2009

Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking

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  1. I think he was on track until he allowed the woman on the right to begin to ask him questions. What I mean is that these two came uninvited to his home and invaded his privacy to push their beliefs, and they were ignorant of even basic facts within the Bible and additionally contradicted themselves. They were sheep trying to spread the "word" without knowing what they were even talking about. The ladies should be better prepared to answer legitimate questions if they truly believe the Bible is the word of god, and he has no responsibility to defend beliefs he wasn't pushing onto others. Additionally, as soon as he brought up the "flying spaghetti monster," they had something to snicker at and were diverted off the more important issues of Bible violence and contradictions and the Ten Commandments that are obviously lacking and ridiculous taken as a whole.

  2. I agree. He let them off the hook when he introduced the FSM. Their intellects weren't capable of grasping the irony. Thanks for following.

  3. I wished he had carried on with showing the contradictions of the Bible too, but their reaction to the FSM was still hilarious.