Friday, 18 September 2009

Health Advice - "Pray every day"

This was the advice given by the "Most Rev." Vincent Nichols in his first official ramblings as Archbishop of Westminster. He was also very stern about ambition, favouritism and hypocrisy. Can you believe it? Coming from someone who has just attained the highest office in this country that the still enormously wealthy catholic church can offer!! Can he not see the irony?

However he doesn't specify what one should pray for, so I commented that I would "try praying to be rid of these tiresome godbotherers and their daisy-tripping sycophants", and; that I was "sure it would do wonders for my mental health" at least.
By "daisy-tripping" I was referring to the Times religion correspondent, Ruth Gledhill, who welcomed Nichols's "near-triumphant start to his service". I don't know exactly what signifies this triumph as she goes on to admit that it has yet to be translated into bums on pews. See here.

However, I was apparently too rude as my comment hasn't been posted.

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