Monday, 21 September 2009

God Told Him to Kill My Family and Me! A Death Threat at Proud Atheists « Proud Atheists

I have received this threatening comment in response to this blog article, Our First Anniversary. The spam blocker caught this comment. That’s why it’s not in the article comments. However, this person has sent harassing replies which are in my Hate Comments page on the upper right under the Proud Atheists banner.

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Gabriel Tanejo
Submitted on 2009/09/20 at 6:39pm

Yes, happy first and LAST anniversary.

Your sins are too mighty to repent for, our Father will send you all to hell when you die! I will hack into this website and destroy it; and find your personal information too, so I can blow up your house—but your destiny is so fucked up that I don’t know why I would bother! I may, however, hunt down your friends and family and slaughter them—that would cause you great pain, would it not? I have gotten signs from God that approve of doing this to all fucking atheists! Someday you may find a gun at your head, or cyanide in your drink, or a grenade in your home—but I will kill you, make no mistake! The sooner you go to your eternal punishment, the better!

I did an IP address location lookup and found that Mr. Tanejo is located at:
Country: United States
State/Region: CA
City: Fremont
Latitude: 37.567
Longitude: -121.9829
Area Code: 510

Please pass this story along!

The FBI will be contacted after posting this message.

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To such heights of evil are men driven by religion ~ Lucretius

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