Sunday, 6 March 2011

Where sheep may safely graze . . .

You may not think, "Yummy - lamb chops", but they owe their existence to those who do. Discuss . . . 

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  1. Yeah OK but they're very versatile creatures who can also provide us with sweaters and make us feel superior because they are, like it or not, less intelligent than we are.

    We have lots of them here in Derbyshire too. And stone walls.

    In Wales the other summer we saw sheep (Welsh, I assume) jumping over the wall around their field and then jumping back just to prove they could.

    That made us think. Do they usually stay confined in their field because they want to? Do they feel safer? Do they do it because we want them to? Do they have some sense of order? Or were these simply the Olympians among sheep?

    But yes, you're right - I am not a vegetarian and do think 'lamb chops' and what lovely, sweet curries their meat can make.