Thursday, 10 March 2011

Platitude of the Day

"Nuts & Reasons" confesses to having become seriously dependent on a daily fix from "Platitude of the Day". This has, for many years,  been providing a comic satirical transcription of the much criticised BBC Radio 4, 5 minute religious slot, "Thought for the Day".

Today's Platitude tackles the offering of "Grumpy Rev Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral" and starts:-

"One of the great things about being a priest is that you get to see so many people die. There's nothing I enjoy more than watching one of my parishioners die. Of course it's not the way it used to be. Parishioners used to die at home, often in excruciating pain. Now they're taken to a hospital, drugged up to their eyeballs and connected to the machine that goes ping!"

Wonderful stuff. You can read the rest here.


  1. He strikes me as being amazingly incompetent and inept!

    I guess what the bumbling fool is trying to say is that it's better to watch them die on drugs than in pain - if they've got to die.

    At least - I hope that's what he's meaning.

    I think I'm just beginning to see how out of brain some of these religious religious types really are. The mistake I used to make was to think they were serious, intelligent, thinking people. They're not, are they?

  2. I have often puzzled about exactly that point Micky. Take for example Rowan Williams (Archbish) who I quite like. He is obviously serious, intelligent, highly educated, much read, thoughtful. Can he really believe that stuff? Certainly a lot of his C of E bishops and vicars have openly expressed doubt from time to time and literal belief in the Bible was abandoned many years ago. Maybe they simply console themselves that as long as the church laity still need them they are providing a useful service?

  3. Incidentally the Google gay censorship machine which shut down my blogs a couple of weeks ago, along with countless others and it's still going strong, also robbed me of my 'Profile' so MichaelLuke70 disappeared from Friend Connect displays.

    I know this is a bit nerdy - but have you seen my 'other self' has now reappeared? So my avatar is now on your (and several other) blogs' displays twice!

    Makes me feel sort of 'omni-present' you know?

    Perhaps I should start my own church, setting myself up as some sort of god - or maybe a son of god or something.

    Could I make a lot of money? What do you think?

  4. Oh well, so long as you don't look too closely I have an extra follower :))