Sunday, 10 October 2010

Confrontation all the way . .

A taster from PZ's brillant address at the Secular Humanist Conference:- 

"It's all about the truth, people. And all the evidence is crystal clear right now: the earth is far older than 6,000 years. Evolution is a real, and it is a process built on raw chance driven by the brutal engines of selection, and there is no sign of a loving, personal god, but only billions of years of pitiless winnowing without any direction other than short-term survival and reproduction. It's not pretty, it's not consoling, it doesn't sanctify virginity, or tell you that god really loves your foreskin, but it's got one soaring virtue that trumps all the others: it's true."

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  1. Great quote! Frequently (including this very day and why I'm on my soap box), I hear that being an atheist is empty and shallow with "no reason to live," as if this life experience is not rewarding in its own right. I highly disagree and cherish my children, spouse, friends, dog, learning, nature, science, good food, the arts, travel, even my job, etc. They seem to think I should slit my wrists if I don't have a heavenly reward waiting where I can frolic in the clouds with long lost relatives, somehow without a body (lol).

    Many theists do not understand why I cannot simply go along with their belief system because the thought of eternal existence is extremely comforting to them, so what's my problem? My "problem" is that wishing for something does not make it true, and I would rather have truth than silly pipe dreams. I do not believe the stork brings babies, either, though it might be less painful and more sanitary than actually giving birth and a more pleasant belief, but once again I accept reality over fairy tales. Ignoring reality (science; history; that the holy books are not divine and are inaccurate, often horrifying, and highly cherry-picked; etc.) and living in a state of denial to me is living a lie and is not comforting in the least. It is freeing to discard the clutter and ridiculousness of religion. It's fun to embrace life and be the best human being I can be instead of sticking my head into the sand like an ostrich or clinging to something false hoping a god will reward me after death.