Saturday, 9 October 2010

Brighton Vicar targets the weak-minded

Saturday 9th October 2010. The Argus reports:-

A vicar is hoping to turn “weak-willed” offenders from crime to Christ.

The Reverend Dr John Scott will be giving two talks to drug addicts and ex-offenders in Brighton to try and turn them to the light.

Mr Scott, who is the chief executive of the charity the Daylight Christian Prison Trust, said that addicts and criminals were weak-willed and needed to let Jesus into their lives to find the strength to go on the straight and narrow.

He said: “People can't change by good intention. It takes strength they don't have.

"We’ve had a number of uplifting cases of criminals whose lives have been totally changed because they found a source of strength greater than any other - belief in Jesus Christ.

“We talk tough when we speak to addicts and offenders. We know that when you're a habitual addict - hooked on crime or drugs - it takes courage to make the move. But addicts know in their hearts the addiction doesn't give them any real, lasting pleasure in life. Lasting change comes through turning to Jesus Christ, drawing upon his strength to change, living with hope for the future.

“God helps them because it gives them the spiritual commitment to keep going."

Presumably the Reverend Scott is increasingly finding that it is only the weak-willed who can be persuaded to believe his fairy tales. 

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