Monday, 13 July 2009

From AA to Alpha

This should be interesting. Guardian journalist Adam Rutherford, an atheist, is taking the Alpha Course and blogging about it every Friday. You can read the first instalment here.


  1. Looks interesting. I watched a program about the Alpha course recently with my wife, it got me soooooooo angry. I was swearing at the screen half the time. The amount of stupidities that were said! One of the attendees, a man who said he was "agnostic" but seemed quite gullible, said that on the bus he had the feeling that God talked to him! In the bus. Nevermind that it was such an equivoqual manifestation that it could be his own mind talking, his wife got all defensive when people at the table got skeptical.

  2. I saw it too although my attention must have wandered. I don't remember that particular incident. It started off well enough but I ended up feeling very disappointed.