Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Alpha Course

I have just passed the time of day with the local vicar, a very pleasant chap, who was in the process of hanging a banner outside the vicarage announcing; "The Alpha Course. Explore the Meaning of Life". I thought Monty Python had already covered this subject quite satisfactorily but, assuming the intention is to take it a tad more seriously, haven't they jumped the gun a bit? I would have thought at least 2 introductory courses are required. Firstly to establish what is the meaning of "Meaning" in this context. Secondly to determine if life has to have any meaning over and above the vague waffle usually aimed at providing comfort to the intellectually challenged.

I am very tempted to enroll.


  1. It might be bad for your equanimity.


    I didn't realise the aim f the course was to get people speaking in tongues.

  3. I saw the programme. Unbelievable. I think it depends on who is taking it.

  4. The Alpha Course is just the Christian version of voodoo. That program got me very angry, I was swearing at the screen half the time, to my wife embarrassment 9even though there was no other witness).