Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ruth Gledhill's Religious Column in the Times

May I ask fellow atheists to keep an eye on this Times column and comment appropriately. The current  one is full of the usual religious flannel and needs a few more bombs under it.


  1. Or why don't you just afford her the free speech that she's allowed, and respect her point of view?

  2. This sort of stupidty, abuses the freedom of expression, which they so obviously believe to be their right.

    Ruth, you crack on with your blog and posts and do not let idiots deter you from your course.

    You have our support, whatever Athieths do not think nor believe!

  3. Callum, Callum, Callum. Don't you understand that in the New Weird Order there is no 'freedom' as such because there is no 'humanity' as such?

    Freedom of speech is quite conditional. You must earn it in full compliance with the TULEs (Temporary Universal Legal Edicts (TULEs not Rules!) of those presently ascendant in the exercise of Will to Power.

    Imagine the Inquisition. Now imagine its new incarnation at the hands of the solely authorised National Secularist Parties in both Britain and America, formerly the Labour and Democratic Parties, respectively.

    Those deemed worthy of the title 'human' have proved themselves compliant to secularist principles. When there is no metanarrative nor natural law, i.e., Post-Modernism and Moral Nihilism respectively, there no common rationality. Thus no universals, including Human Rights, nor Civil Rights.

    Just brute facts found by brutes.

    Or as Hobbes wrote in Leviathan, the life of man, is "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short".

    Oh, and let's create a TULE (TULEs not Rules!) and declare the word 'man' to be proscribed until further notice.