Monday, 24 January 2011

"The God Who Wasn't There"


  1. Dawkins, I think you ask an excellent question. "What if he wasn't there?"... I'll be disappointed, yet pleased that my life has been lived with a purpose for humanity. As a scientist myself, I believe that evidence point more towards Him rather than disprove Him. But what if he was... and is... and will forever be. I'll tell you that my greatest joy in studying science is the fact that it teaches me more about God. I invite you to study a bit of quantum physics. Some of the most basic of these these precise scientific principles will at least remind you that order, information, matter, energy and life must have a source.

  2. It's life which tells me there is no god - although it's always interesting to hear other people's arguments.

    I can think of one or two people I'd like to send this DVD to for their birthdays!

  3. It is profoundly unscientific to attribute any of the mysteries of the universe to "God" until we know exactly what "God" is. Doing so adds nothing to our knowledge. In the sentence "God created the Big Bang" we could substitute the word "nothing" for God and be no less ignorant.