Thursday, 11 November 2010

Free Speech in Europe

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  1. Oh he's a fine, up-speaking guy is 'Pat' and it's hard to disagree with a word he says. And really I don't. Leastways, since he crams so much in, I don't think so - although I did blink once . . .

    But isn't this ironic criticism so very friendly but isn't it really a killer?

    If we are cynical in our criticism and about what we have (re-) built in Europe in the last sixty years then I think we miss the main chance.

    The most important thing is to use our democracy to pursue our aims and desires. That is by far the best way to snub the extremists he so wisely hates and support those who try to work things out for the greater good of most of the people for most of the times.

    And that's all democracy ever promised to do, isn't it?