Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Jesus and Marxism

I don't really know if Jesus was an early Marxist and I don't really care enough to read up about it, but you only need to do a quick Google to see that the proposition has been much discussed.

However if I was an ardent Marxist and claimed Jesus to be one too, I would be praising him by my lights wouldn't I? Isn't that what Xtians want me to do?

Why then are the commenters on this blog so upset? I quote for example:-

"Go ahead and amuse yourself taunting God fearing people Quedula. Your game will turn to torment. You have gone into a place where any sensible person would NEVER go. Your words will echo in your ears. I urge you to change your course, or at least consider it. If you choose to ride out your remaining time as is...then so be it and goodbye."


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