Thursday, 25 March 2010

Christian rant

I recently posted this mild question on a christian website:-

"Do religious believers not find it tiresome that to sustain their faith they always need to give god the credit and never the blame?"

To which I received the following reply:-

"Do atheists ever get whiplash from swiveling their heads away from God's glory?

Charitable giving? (snap!) "What are you talking about?"

Outpouring of love and assistance? (crack!) "Haven't seen any, why?"

Unwavering faith in the face of adversity? (pop! OUCH!) "Nope, none of that here!"

You have my pity and my prayers."

This has lost me. Has anyone any idea what he is on about, or suggestions for a riposte?


  1. I finally decided to answer like this: Steve, ask yourself this question: "do believers in the Abrahamic god (I presume you are one) ever get whiplash from swiveling their heads away from the glory of the Invisible Pink Unicorn?


    Then you can understand how your question appeared to me and why I had difficulty answering it. But thanks for the challenge.

  2. Why do they always think prayer is an argument? IAs if it was making them soooooo superior. Prayer is for thinking was masturbation is for sexual intercourse: sure it makes you feel better, but it's not very productive.