Sunday, 29 March 2009

Archbish thinks we aren't getting enough!

The Archbishop of Canterbury has complained to the Director General of the BBC about the decline of religious programming at the Corporation. I think he means Church of England programmes and he may have a point. Telegraph article.


  1. The BBC is stuffed with religious programming. I'm all for examination of religions, because I don't rate such as "religious" programmes per se. But even they are not what you'd call challenging. Take Sunday on Radio 4. No one's ever put on the line and given a grilling by Roger Bolton or Edward Stourton, yet it's meant to be a religious news programme, much like Today but about religion. The deluded herd what it all their own way. I ask why any hobby should have special programming over and above all the other hobbies.

  2. I think the BBC is staying true to its charter and reflecting the plummeting lack of interest in the C of E in favour of other religions. I personally am uneasy with this. Better the largely ineffectual devils you know than the militant ones you don't.

  3. "Freethinker" has a relevant article:-